Typical drawdown schedule and sequence of events (See note below for 2021 changes)

Oct. 15:  Drawdown commences (per our Order of Conditions to allow wildlife time to adjust).  The initial drawdown rate will be slow to allow boating up until early November.  Shallow water signs will be placed at a couple locations known to be hazardous to boats due to depth.  Gates are opened at the dam to allow more water out (than is entering the lake) and lover the lake level

Nov. 1-8:  Drawdown rate is accelerated (up to maximum allowed drawdown rate  of ~3in/day).  During wet years we often are battling with rain to keep lowering the lake level.

Dec. 1:  Peak drawdown should achieved by this date (so all wildlife can adjust before the lake freezes). Achieving this is very wether dependent.  We attempt to maintain this low level for an extended period of freezing wether long enough for deep freezes to kill exposed weeds. 

Mar.15:  The drawdown is finished. Begin refilling the lake (closing gates etc).  Goal for attaining pre-drawdown level is April 1.  We try to wait until the ice has broken up before starting to raise the level.

April 1:  Lake is back to it's nominal full level.  During wet springs, the level may rise a foot or more higher than the nominal level.

NOTE: This the 2021-22 drawdown will need to proceed somewhat faster than normal due to a one-time project to improve flows at the outlet channel. This work will require the drawdown to reach its winter level by early November.


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